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Chairman's Update - 15th October 2023

Including: Airview Park, CPI Event, Advance Northumberland Small Business Event, Show Business Special Guest, CHUF Ball.

Another jam-packed week for our Chairman connecting, supporting and promoting, who’s main focus was on regional economic prosperity and international growth.

  • The week was spent primarily focusing on the upcoming trade visit to Saudi Arabia, where Ammar has been invited as a guest of the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh. Saudi Business Links are a key partner at the planned International Trade Centre at Airview Park, Newcastle Airport. The visit will develop and enhance bi-lateral trade opportunities between the North East and Saudi with a key focus on the Health and Life Sciences Sector. Meeting with key dignitaries, government officials and global health leaders, Ammar will showcase the regional strengths and assets of the North East.

  • Ammar caught up with Claire Robinson from the Internet of Caring Things at the National Innovation Centre for Aging, where alongside Yohlar and innovation, they discussed the planned Innovation Celebration on the 12th December where Ammar has been asked key note speak on inclusive innovation.

  • A roundtable discussion with CPI at the Catalyst in Newcastle explored various topics, including Skills, Inward Investment and Innovation. The Yohlar team showcased the Business Model Innovation Qualification. The first of its kind that enables organisations and individuals to rapidly overcome challenges or explore opportunities using a proprietary Toolset, Skillset and Mindset methodology to ensure innovation is sticky, successful and sustainable.

  • The regular catch-up with the AHSN helped further progress a number of critical initiatives, including the Health and Lifesciences pledge of which Ammar is the Chair, Innovation Pathway and CDRC, to help improve patient outcomes, promote inclusion and enhance economic impact.

  • Meeting with David Broom from B7 Consultants Ammar shared details of Yohlar, discussed the Eagles and explored collaborative opportunities through the International Trade Centre.

  • Jordan Dargue chief executive of Tees Valley Business Hub, Kate Cooper-Fay from Knocu, Phil Andrew Director of Operations at Asian Business Connexions met to discuss regional growth and a strategy to help regional organisations scale globally. Part of the discussions also revolved around Airview, where Jordan and Kate intend to co-locate their regional base.

  • Ammar met with the Chair of North East Pharma, Michael Whitaker to discuss the regional health and life science strategy, alongside better understanding the significant strengths of the sector, being one of the foremost contributors to economic growth. Ammar agreed to promote the sector as part of his visit to Saudi and explore potential collaborative opportunities.

  • On Thursday Ammar spent the day at the launch of the Advance Northumberland Small Business Service at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland. The SME Centre of Excellence where Ammar is executive Chair, have been appointed to deliver the enterprise and start-up support service for the whole of Northumberland. Ammar joined various partners and Lucy Evermore to share details of the provision and the ambition to help individuals start, survive and thrive.

  • Meeting with Guy Curry from Investment North East where Ammar shared plans of the upcoming Saudi Visit and agreed to further collaborate with the lead organisation responsible for inward investment. Guy shared a number of key assets and strengths to help promote the region.

  • Spice FM special guest Sohail Khan, Managing Director at Iron City Motorcycles and our Sponsor for our Emaan Foundation Award (formerly known as the Dr Naz Khan Award), joined Ammar and Jalf on their weekly show business radio show where they highlighted Sohail's incredible career with companies including Opus Motor group, and Harley Davidson. Sohail is a long time ABC supporter.

  • Ammar attended the Ward Hadaway Fastest Fifty where 50 of the fastest growing regional businesses were showcased. Ammar was delighted to see RE:GEN Group, be top of the leader board with two awards received, and recognised several others that Ammar has promoted over the years.

  • Meeting with several regional health entrepreneurs and those involved in the health service interested in internationalisation, Ammar agreed to showcase their services as part of the visit to Saudi.

  • The week ended with Ammar supporting the CHUF ball at the Crowne Plaza as they celebrate 40 years. A charity that Ammar is proud to support and who’s patron is Sir Graham Wylie with whom Ammar has a long-term relationship.

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