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The programme is a business start-up programme designed to assist budding business owners in launching their own ventures. Led by a team of respected business professionals and experts, the programme offers best-in-class guidance and support to help you turn your business idea into a successful reality.

What is the programme?

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Who is the programme for?

The programme is for anyone who has ever aspired to kickstart their own business, regardless of their background or experience level: passionate hobbyists, innovative inventors, seasoned professionals, and anyone else with a promising business idea but is unsure of how to begin.
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Additionally, the programme is delivered by the experienced and respected Asian Business Connexions team, which means that you'll have access to their extensive network of connections, resources, and expertise to help you launch your business with confidence.
During the programme, you will receive targeted support and guidance in developing a business plan, conducting market research, branding and promoting your business, designing and developing your product or service, obtaining funding, and building an effective team. The programme is fully funded, meaning that you won't have to worry about any costs associated with participation.

What will you get?

Why you should join the programme!

Enroll to gain access to first-class business guidance and support. A study by the Small Business Administration shows that businesses that receive support and mentoring are twice as likely to survive their first five years compared to those that don’t. The programme is also committed to providing targeted support for ethnic minority business owners, who face unique challenges and barriers.
According to the British Business Bank, ethnic minority entrepreneurs are more likely to be declined for business loans and face greater difficulty accessing finance than their non-ethnic minority counterparts. With our programme, you'll receive the support you need to overcome these barriers and launch your business with confidence.

Download Your Complete Business Start-up Checklist

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Sandeep Kapoor, Chai Events

A very good team delivering a great event, making me think about business.


Richard Hixson, CPD Match

Incredibly valuable with excellent facilitators.

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Lou Willis-Keeler, Psych Logical

Jam-packed session with lots of tools and opportunities to learn from others.

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