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What is #InclusionByDefault?

#InclusionByDefault is a campaign that aims to improve inclusion within workplaces across the North East - we want the North East region to be the most inclusive in the UK.

How will we achieve this?

The campaign will tackle major issues that already exist in workplaces throughout the UK such as:

  • The current inequality in the workplace

  • Increasing workplace diversity

  • The lack of overall inclusion

In doing so we will look to tackle and raise education in a range of areas including:

  • Race equality

  • Reduction of discrimination and prejudice in the workplace

  • BAME recruitment

  • Barriers in the workplace that inhibit inclusion

Pledge your support today

Our Bronze Award is the starting point of your inclusion journey. 

This Award requires organisations to publicly declare their commitment towards inclusion through the completion of our Inclusion Pledge. 

By signing the Inclusion Pledge you are setting your organisation apart from most other organisations and competitors while increasing the chances of securing the best talent for your organisation.

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