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What does inclusion mean to you?

Let’s help make the North East the most inclusive region by the end of 2025!

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How inclusive do you feel the North East is right now?
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Inclusion Examples & Case Studies 

Inclusion By Default in the Workplace

In January 2020 ABConnexions CIC - a not for profit social enterprise established in the North East to Connect, Support and Promote ethnic and wider communities - launched the Inclusion By Default campaign with the ambition of helping the North East become the most inclusive region in the UK by the end of 2025.

Since then we have developed and delivered a number of inclusion initiatives and projects, and more recently in partnership with Yohlar, we launched the Inclusive Innovation Framework (IIF) that moves past the standard tick box approach to inclusion:

Inclusive Innovation Framework

An action-oriented, person-centred methodology that truly changes beliefs and behaviours.

Want to use our framework to embed real inclusion within your workplace through innovation?

How will we achieve this?

Using the Inclusive Innovation Framework (IIF) developed in partnership with Yohlar, the campaign will tackle major issues that already exist in workplaces throughout the UK such as:

  • The current inequality in the workplace

  • Increasing workplace diversity

  • The lack of overall inclusion

  • Lack of awareness of all contributing factors to inequality (e.g. health and digital exclusion)

In doing so we will look to tackle and raise education in a range of areas including:

  • Reduction of discrimination and prejudice in the workplace

  • Inclusive recruitment

  • Barriers in the workplace that inhibit inclusion

  • Programmes and organisations already working to create inclusion

Latest IBD News:


How inclusive is your organisation?

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How to get involved...

We need data! 
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Our first phase is Discovery. We need a decent sample size to analyse and inform our next stage - Define.


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Round Table

We are targeting up to 12 Round Table events this next year.

We would love for different organisations to help us collect, learn and share valuable inclusion challenges and solutions with the community.

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We will be launching a safe space members-only community very soon.

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