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ABCurry Club March 2024: Conquering Imposter Syndrome in a Male-Dominated Industry

ABCurry Club Highlights - 27th March 2024

This month's ABCurry Club gathering celebrated another evening of inclusion here in the North East both in discussion and dining.

Hosted in the very cool and relaxed Knights Bar by Samuel Knight International, the Curry Club had another impressive turnout of about 40 guests. It was great to see some familiar and regular faces, helping connect, support and promote what we do, alongside some new faces who we enjoyed connecting with.

Everyone seemed so relaxed and engaged. A great mix of different people, businesses and cultures - a true inclusive networking event.

Seconds and Thirds!

As always the highlight of the evening, apart from the talks, was undoubtedly the amazing curry served up on the Knights Bar.

We heard so many rave reviews —so much so that many were seen going back for seconds and even thirds! Usually at the end of the event there are some leftovers, but on this occasion, there seemed to be nothing left once the takeaway bags and containers were filled!

Our Guest Speaker - Debra Cairns from NetDefence

Debra Cairns from Net-Defence was invited as a guest speaker, sharing her unique inclusive journey as a female Managing Director in the traditionally male-dominated Cyber world and IT industry.

Debra's open discussion about her lifelong struggle with imposter syndrome, which she has now turned into a strength, was both relatable and inspiring for many in the audience, even Ammar!

She talked about her commitment to STEM and investing in local youths between 13 to 18 years, nurturing them as the next generation's innovators and IT experts, adding a valuable dimension to the conversation about creating opportunities in the North East as opposed to losing talent to the lures of London.

Ammar's query into the potential end of Debra’s imposter syndrome drew a surprising response which she stated would never end as it's 'built into her DNA', possibly shared by many others in attendance.

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Reflections from Samuel Knight International's Founder

Steven Rawlinson, the founder of our hosts Samuel Knight International, complemented Debra's insights by sharing his own experiences with imposter syndrome and aligning to the same challenges and opportunities in the North East region, particularly in terms of STEM, recruitment and salaries.

Steven reflected on how Samuel Knight International are helping the North East to 'actively build a skilled STEM workforce for the future', especially for the growing investment and career opportunities in the offshore wind sector.

Read more here from Samuel Knight - "Is the North East at the forefront of the UK's Renewable Energy Industry?"

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Inclusion By Default Updates from Ammar

The night also featured an important update from Ammar Mirza CBE on the 'Inclusion By Default Campaign', building anticipation for the first quarterly report soon to be published.

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Our ABCurry Club continues to spearhead inclusion and meaningful change in the North East's business landscape and hopefully beyond.

Let's continue to foster comfortable conversations that challenge, inspire, and unite us towards a more inclusive community.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you all at future ABCurry Clubs. As we continue to connect, support, and promote communities, we want to hear from you: 

What does inclusion mean to you? 

Your input will be valuable for our upcoming research and campaign.

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Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more inclusive North East. 

Together, we can create lasting memories and foster important connections and conversations.

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