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Congratulations to all our 2023 Annual Awards Winners!

We're proud to present these remarkable individuals and organisations with the awards they truly deserve for all their hard work, dedication, and determination leading to this moment of recognition and celebration.

If you see your name listed here, it's a testament to your remarkable accomplishments, and we applaud your outstanding achievements.

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Lucy Winskell OBE LL
Chairman's Award

Lucy Winskell, Chair of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Tyne and Wear, is a dedicated advocate for economic growth and regeneration in the North East. She's played a key role in celebrating leadership in emerging sectors through the North East Business Executive of the Year Awards.

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Colin Bell
Chairman's Award

Colin Bell, has experience that spans roles in business support across the UK. Now with North East LEP, he's focused on building a world-class business support ecosystem, with the North East Growth Hub at the forefront, continuously enhancing the platform based on user feedback for a stellar user experience ahead of its launch campaign.


Martha Germany
Chairman's Award

Martha is the Programme Coordinator for the SME Group, including Asian Business Connexions, and works behind the scenes to make everything happen.


Dr Robin Sengupta
Lifetime Achievement

With over five decades in the NHS, primarily in the North East, Dr. Robin Sengupta is deeply committed to providing quality, affordable healthcare. His vision led to the establishment of a groundbreaking neurological center in Kolkata, India, focusing on education, research, and patient care. Remarkably, he financed this endeavor through generous donations and personal savings. Dr. Sengupta's unwavering dedication has made a lasting impact on healthcare.

Imran Anwar from Alt Labs.jpg

Alt Labs
Outstanding Teesside Business

Imran Anwar, Alt Labs' CEO, is a global leader in innovation and software development. His leadership has transformed Alt Labs, mentoring over 180 start-ups, securing £23+ million in funding, and receiving awards for his dedication to innovation.

Juna Sathian.jpg

Juna Sathian
Public Sector

An Associate Professor at Northumbria University, a pioneer in physics and a STEM advocate. She invented the world's first room-temperature diamond MASER technology and received significant EPSRC funding in 2023. She's also Newcastle City Council's first Indian-origin Councillor and leads initiatives for climate change and community welfare.

Sanjeev Vedhera from Dragonfly Trust.png

Dragonfly Trust
3rd Sector

A nonprofit organisation committed to improving the lives of children and young people facing life-limiting cancer diagnoses. Through memorable experiences and financial assistance, they create lasting memories and provide vital support to patients and their families, making a positive impact in the community.



Founded during the pandemic by Kanika Singh, specialises in event decorations with floral arrangements and wedding setups. This venture started as a simple idea to bring cheer with balloons. Now, Airbae is all about crafting memorable moments through unique balloon art and innovative concepts. Their dedicated team continuously creates fresh ideas to cater to each client's unique requirements and themes.

Poonam Singh.jpg

Poonam Singh

Lead Specialist Nurse and Chair of the Quality of Patient Experience Group, an advocate for diversity and equality in her role as a governor for nursing and midwifery, and serves as the co-chair of the race equality network. Over 15 years of community service, she's inspired others to join the healthcare profession, leaving a lasting impact.

Payal Singh.jpeg

Payal Singh

Payal Singh, founder of Arshita Jewellery and Handicrafts Ltd, creates unique handmade jewellery and artifacts. Her journey from microbiology to entrepreneurship has been fulfilling. With a strong focus on quality and unique designs, she is also active in charity sponsorship and cultural heritage support.

Sahil Nayyar.jpg

Sahil Nayyar

A Chartered Accountant and adept dealmaker with over a decade of experience in M&A, excels in transactions involving businesses. He's widely respected in the North East for his revenue-generating initiatives and actively promotes corporate finance careers, emphasising diversity in the region.

my delhi.jpg

My Delhi
People's Choice

My Delhi set out to redefine the UK's dining scene by bringing the heart of Delhi to its restaurants. Their dedication to authenticity and exceptional customer service led to numerous awards, including winning Britain's Top Takeaways in 2022. They've expanded with new locations in Sunderland and Leicester, solidifying their position in the UK's food industry.

Shkun Chadda.jpg

Shkun Chadda
Health & Life Science

With 25 years of experience, Shkun is a seasoned Health Economist with over 50 publications cited nearly 700 times. She's held key roles in Market Access, co-founded SIRIUS Market Access, and retired as an Executive Vice President at Genesis Research, now dedicating her time to mentoring.


Dr Mrs S Nath
Emaan Foundation

Dr Mrs S Nath, had a deep love for art and literature from her close-knit, musical family. Despite losing her sight at 32, she continued to live an extraordinary life, exhibiting remarkable resilience and unwavering compassion. An incredible woman who left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Safwan Akram.jpg

Safwan Akram
Health & Life Science

A Cambridge and MIT-trained Biotechnologist, Dr Muhammad Safwan Akram is an Associate Professor at the National Horizons Centre, Teesside University. Leading well-funded research to reduce bioprocess costs, especially in cancer drugs and cell & gene therapies. Developed educational modules to bridge the skills gap in the UK and led NHC's enterprise strategy. Published in prestigious journals. Recipient of university-wide Star Awards for teaching, recognized for inspiration by both students and staff.

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Mahnur Roushan
Young Asian Voices Award

Mahnur has worked tirelessly to support, improve and share Young Asian Voices’ mission.

Dr Atif Syed.png

Dr Atif Syed
Scaling Business

An accomplished engineer and CEO of Wootzano, is revolutionising the food industry with AvaraiTM, a cutting-edge robotic system. His pioneering electronic skin technology, awarded the Princess Royal Silver Medal, enhances robots' sensory capabilities. AvaraiTM improves productivity, reducing human labor needs by 60% for a UK retailer. Wootzano's global expansion and 30+ patents position it as a leader in the post-harvest industry, transforming food production worldwide.

Congratulations to all our incredible 2023 Award Winners!

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