ABC is the first point of call for all Asian Businesses and others wanting to engage with them locally, nationally and internationally

With our help, you could find funding that is available to a whole host of businesses to help them thrive

We provide expert support and advice on developing your business to its full potential by offering a range of services – in PR and marketing, including website and advert design

Are you currently trading or considering trading with Pakistan?

Greater Manchester Chamber, UK has joined forces with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry to deliver a FREE webinar aimed at #British companies interested in expanding their global footprint in this high growth market.


2021 ABC Annual Awards Ceremony

Join us for an evening of culture, entertainment and celebration as we come together to recognise the impact of the Asian community at our 12th Anniversary ABC Awards Ceremony.


  • Ensure your voice is heard – we lobby on your behalf around issues such as equality, diversity and inclusivity.

  • Access to £000’s worth of discounted services and products – through your membership discount card.

  • Development of long-term business relationships

  • Create a strong, diverse North East business community

  • Support & develop your business

  • Access to global expansion trade missions

  • Access to help & support around BME recruitment & talent

  • Database of available executive / non-executive candidates



As a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, we exist to make lasting change in the communities we serve. Much of this work is centred around developing, promoting and supporting regional workplaces define, understand and work towards a much richer diversity of customers, staff and suppliers – this is our mission and one we’re passionate about.

We’re not going to change the landscape overnight, nor are we able to do this alone – and that’s just fine with us. What we can do, is create the right environment for organisations to demonstrate their support towards an inclusive workplace through our monthly membership subscription which will allow us all to create the most inclusive region that is OUR North East.

We need the support of organisations, large and small, to buy into our vision in order for us to realise our dreams – please join us on our campaign to develop rich and vibrant workplaces, where everyone can enjoy their space they call work. You can show your commitment to this cause by choosing the relevant membership offering below.


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