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How Eating Curry Can Improve Workplace Inclusion!

Here’s a quick question – where else can you eat curry while getting invaluable insights on how to improve inclusion within your organisation?

Here’s your quick answer – Asian Business Connexions.

Asian Business Connexions has a rich history in connecting, supporting and promoting organisations within the North East region since 2009 – it’s something we’re passionate about and will continue to undertake. Our activities have been broad, wacky, sporty, business related and community related – a bit of everything mixed into one.

One thing that has remained static is our infamous curry club events. For many years, we have developed networking events which have been held regularly throughout the year to connect organisations and offer information sharing through the speakers we invite. A big part of our events includes the consumption of mouth-watering curry over conversations and forging new relationships – we think we’ve exceeded 5000 people having had curry with us over the last 10 years!

As the title suggests, we feel that by becoming an ABC member, attending our events and eating curry can support organisations improve their inclusion initiatives, and in doing so, attract and retain a skilled workforce, develop a more creative environment around culture, problem solving and employee engagement while sharing best practice and picking up hints and tips that can be introduced into your workplace.

How can eating curry do all this? Well, as a not-for-profit membership organisation, we believe we are uniquely placed to support organisations to look at their current environment and help them to create an environment where every employee feels valued, believes that their contribution is supporting the organisation to achieve its goals and they feel genuinely accepted irrelevant of their ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

Watch out for our digital campaign around workplace inclusion and the benefits enjoyed when organisations start on their journey towards a more inclusive organisation. Better still, follow us on our social channels to be kept up to date on key information around diversity and inclusion.

If you would like to find out further information regarding how to become a member – please visit our website or call one of the team on 01661 823234.


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