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Ammar Mirza CBE Awarded 'Community Pioneer of the Year' at Muslim Business Awards

Ammar Mirza CBE has been recognised as the Community Pioneer of the Year at the esteemed Muslim Business Awards, celebrating his exceptional contributions to the community and business landscape. As a multi-award-winning enterprise and innovation expert, Ammar's dedication to fostering growth and empowerment has left an indelible mark in the North East.

British Muslim Awards


Ammar Mirza CBE has been instrumental in establishing and scaling several thousand businesses, spanning diverse sectors including property, edtech, health-tech, and investment support. His expertise in organisational growth is widely acknowledged, earning him recognition as a leading authority in the field.


With a versatile career across public, private, and third sectors, Ammar has been a driving force for change and progress. He is considered the most influential Asian in the North East of England and holds pivotal positions such as Chair of the Business Advisory Board on the UK Government Body - North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

Ammar wins British Muslim Award


Moreover, Ammar's commitment to social impact is exemplified through his roles as President of the Federation of Asian Business and as Founder and Chairman of the not-for-profit social enterprise Asian Business Connexions (ABC), most recently working on the ‘inclusion by default’ campaign, on a mission to make the North East the most inclusive region in the UK by the end of 2025.


As Honorary Colonel of the 101 Regiment Royal Artillery British Army, Ammar Mirza CBE demonstrates his commitment to serving not only the business community but also his country.


He is also the Chair of the Health and Lifesciences Pledge, championing initiatives for societal betterment.


Ammar Mirza CBE's illustrious career is marked by numerous accolades and achievements. Notably, he launched the Primary Inspiration through Enterprise (PIE) Project Charity in 2013 whilst the Chair of Governors at a Primary School, paving the way for innovative educational initiatives.


He also developed the world’s first level 6 formal qualification in Business Model Innovation (Yohlar), underscoring his commitment to pushing boundaries and driving progress.


Beyond his professional endeavours, Ammar is deeply involved in community initiatives, serving as a Patron of Charlie Bear for Cancer Care Charity, the Cadet Apprenticeship Scheme, Chair of the Progression Forum and sponsoring various local football teams.


He is also a sought-after keynote speaker, advocating for inclusion and innovation at various events.


Commenting on the recognition, Ammar expressed gratitude, stating, "I am deeply honoured to receive the Community Pioneer of the Year award. This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts of all those who strive for positive change and impact. I am committed to continuing my work in driving innovation, inclusion, and empowerment in our communities."

Ammar Mirza Wins British Muslim Award

Ammar Mirza CBE's tireless dedication to community development and business excellence makes him a deserving recipient of the Community Pioneer of the Year award.


For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:


Channelle Johnson

Executive Assistant


Ammar Mirza CBE

About Ammar Mirza CBE:

Ammar Mirza CBE is a multi-award-winning enterprise and innovation expert, renowned for his contributions to organisational growth and community development. With a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors, Ammar's expertise and leadership have made a significant impact across the North East. He holds pivotal roles in numerous organisations and is deeply committed to driving positive change through innovation and inclusion.


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