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Chairman's Update - 10th December 2023

Discover Ammar Mirza CBE's week: A journey of accomplishments, showcasing the North East's energy and dedication to fostering inclusivity!

Following his visit to the oldest church in Newcastle, St Andrews, and spreading The message of Inclusion & Innovation last week, Ammar had a busy week connecting, supporting, and promoting the whole community in the North East.

  • Health and Life Science Collaborations: Our Chairman, Ammar, has been actively engaging with Saudi and local partners to explore opportunities in the health and life science sector. This includes a thorough review of the Early Diagnostic Institute concept, aiming to enhance diagnostic capabilities and healthcare innovation.

  • International Trade Centre at Airview Park: In the quest to support Vision 2030, Ammar’s efforts are being directed to identify and collaborate with Clinical Research Organisations, Health Tech Companies, and other key stakeholders. These partnerships are centered around inclusive innovation, with a special focus at the International Trade Centre at Airview Park.

  • 2024 Inclusion by Default Plans: The Chairman is meticulously reviewing plans for 2024, which encompass a region-wide conference, an Inclusion Exhibition in the summer, and the prestigious ABC Awards, all aligning with our mission for inclusivity.

  • International Trade Centre Launch Event: In collaboration with Sharon Jandu and Phil Andrew, the Chairman is developing launch plans for the International Trade Centre at Airview. This involves assessing the significant interest from diverse partners, ensuring a successful and impactful launch.

  • Atom Valley Innovation Hub Strategy: Discussions about the Atom Valley Innovation Hub in the North West are underway. Here, the Inclusive Innovation Framework from Yohlar is being considered to enhance the regional strategy, reinforcing our commitment to inclusive growth.

  • Northumberland Small Business Support: A planning meeting was held to align goals and strategise on delivering inclusive growth support to small businesses in Northumberland through 2024.

  • North East Devolution RSA Workshop: Our Chairman participated in a workshop with civic and business leaders, facilitated by the Royal Society, to contribute to the Devolution Plans for the region. This workshop is a crucial step in shaping the future of our community.

  • Global South Asia TV Business Show: The Chairman has accepted the opportunity to lead a business show on the newly launched South Asia Global TV, reaching an audience of over 500 million viewers globally. The initial episodes, focused on Inclusive Growth, Innovation, and Internationalisation, have already been recorded.

  • Progression Forum and My Future My Choice Event: Chairing the Progression Forum, discussions centered around the upcoming 'My Future My Choice' event at St James’ Park. This significant event, attended by over 5,000 children and young people, emphasises the importance of employer engagement in schools.

  • Saudi Business Partner Collaborations: A planning session with our Saudi Business Partner, SBL, was conducted to schedule a series of inward investment trade visits and regional showcase events throughout 2024, showcasing our region's strengths and opportunities.

  • ABC Special Celebration Curry Club: The recent ABCurry Club, a special event celebrating the winners, stakeholders, and sponsors of the 2023 Awards, was a resounding success. We were honoured to have Cllr Nick Kemp speak about the importance of inclusion and confirm his support for the Inclusion by Default Campaign, which aims to make the North East the most inclusive region in the UK by 2025.

  • Show business Insights: On a lighter note, Jaf and Ammar delved into LinkedIn’s 15 big ideas for 2024, discussing new immigration laws and, of course, football - bringing their unique insights and opinions to these topical discussions.

At ABC, we believe in the power of inclusion and the strength that comes from creating partnerships. We are looking for new Board members to help us deliver this. If you are interested, please contact us at

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