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The Historic Devolution Deal and Its Transformative Potential for the North East

Approximately 90% of our community—including ethnic minority business owners, community leaders, and individuals working in various sectors—are yet unaware of the profound implications this devolution holds.

In the heart of the North East, a historic political transformation is on the horizon—a transformation that promises to redefine the landscape of local governance, economic development, and community empowerment.

On May 2, 2024, the region will witness the election of its first mayor, a pivotal moment set against the backdrop of a ground-breaking devolution deal. This huge occasion marks not just a shift in administrative structure but embodies a deeper commitment to localising power and fostering inclusive growth.

It wasn't until the North of Tyne areas secured a smaller-scale devolution deal that the seeds of today's broader devolution agreement were sowed, culminating in the expansive deal reached in December 2022 that encompasses seven local authorities and introduces a new legal entity: the North East Mayoral Combined Authority (NEMCA).

The significance of this devolution cannot be overstated. The NEMCA will oversee a 48 million annual investment fund, with dedicated budgets for critical areas such as transport, skills, housing, and culture—sectors pivotal to the region's growth and community well-being.

These are not mere line items in a budget; they are opportunities. Opportunities for enhanced mobility, for upskilling the workforce, for addressing the housing crisis, and for cultural enrichment.

But beyond these tangible benefits lies the transformative potential of devolution: the empowerment of localities to make decisions that best suit their communities, a principle that resonates profoundly within our own ethos of inclusion.

Yet, here lies the paradox—while devolution embodies inclusivity and empowerment, a vast segment of our community remains uninformed about these developments and their potential impact.

Business owners, community leaders, and workers across sectors, many from ethnic minority backgrounds, stand to gain significantly from the opportunities that devolution brings.

ABC: Over 16 years Connecting, Supporting & Promoting Inclusion for the North East

As a Not-For-Profit Enterprise, here at ABConnexions we have been connecting, supporting and promoting Inclusion and the professional Ethnic minority community for over 16 years now

and it is crucial that we continue to educate and engage the entirety of our community.

The mayoral election is not just a political event; it is a call to action for all stakeholders to participate actively in shaping the future of the North East. It is an invitation to ethnic minority business owners to voice their needs and aspirations, to community leaders to advocate for inclusive development, and to every individual to exercise their democratic right to influence the direction of their region.

The historic devolution deal for the North East presents an unparalleled opportunity for growth, development, and inclusion.

As the election approaches, let us ensure that no one is left behind in understanding its significance. Let us engage in meaningful conversations, broaden our outreach, and embrace the promise of a more empowered, inclusive North East.

Together, voting in the upcoming Mayoral Election we can turn the tide of history and chart a course toward a vibrant, thriving future for our region.

We encourage everyone to make your vote by or on the 2nd of May 2024.


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