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Chairman's Update - 19th November 2023

Discover Ammar Mirza CBE's week: International expansion, innovative collaborations, and inclusive leadership in action

Following his visit to Saudi Arabia last week, Ammar has had a busy week connecting, supporting and promoting the whole community in the North East.

  • Innovative Transport System with Nicander: This week Ammar collaborated closely with Nicander focusing on their groundbreaking Innovative Transport System. The partnership is driving forward exciting developments, helping Nicander penetrate new international markets with their cutting-edge PTIM technology.

  • Meeting with Newcastle Hospital Foundation Trust: Ammar engaged in a fruitful discussion with the Newcastle Hospital Foundation Trust. The focus was on exploring opportunities for internationalisation and innovation in Saudi Arabia, identifying several promising avenues for future collaboration.

  • Launch of Global South Asia TV: Ammar is set to make a significant impact in the media world with the launch of Global South Asia TV. He will host his own live show, reaching out to millions of viewers worldwide, bringing a blend of insightful discussions and innovative ideas to a global audience.

  • Discussion with Charlie Hoult: A strategic meeting with Charlie Hoult was centered around expanding internationalisation efforts into Saudi Arabia. They also explored innovative ideas and planned a visit to Airview Park, highlighting potential new ventures and collaborations.

  • North East LEP Our Economy Event: As the SME representative and Chair of the Business Advisory Board, Ammar attended the North East LEP Our Economy Event. The event, focusing on Inclusion, highlighted the region's strengths. Ammar's role involved collaborating with board members to develop action-led inclusive growth plans, a commitment he has upheld for over six years.

  • Partnership with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship: Ammar explored global partnerships to create an inclusive innovation pathway, stretching from early education to higher education. This pioneering initiative is set to incorporate formal accredited qualifications, following the model of Yohlar’s world-leading innovation qualifications.

  • Preparation for Saudi Foundation Day: Ammar met with the regional Saudi lead to outline plans for an upcoming visit and a significant event in February 2024. This event will celebrate Saudi Foundation Day, marking a milestone in the region's cultural and business calendar.

  • Collaboration with NTH Solutions: Discussions with NTH Solutions were centered on exploring international opportunities. The focus was on how to commercialize their innovative products and services, originating from the NHS, to markets beyond the UK.

  • Panel Participation with Notable Figures: Joining forces with Simone Roche MBE, Ilker Yaman, and Lee Chambers, Ammar represented as an Ally Ambassador for the Northern Power Campaign. This involvement underscores his commitment to empowering and supporting diverse voices and initiatives.

  • Supporting CPD Match's Growth Plans: Ammar played a pivotal role in aiding CPD Match in developing their growth strategies. These plans are particularly focused on providing inclusive opportunities for continuous professional development within the Health Sectors.

  • #Inclusionbydefault Conference Planning: Ammar has been instrumental in developing the #Inclusionbydefault conference, scheduled for 25th January 2024. This event will bring together leading figures in inclusion, like Hamid Motraghi and Amjid Khazir, to showcase the Inclusive Innovation Framework and help organizations map out their inclusion journey.

  • Radio Show with Professor Robert MacIntosh: Hosting Professor Robert MacIntosh, Pro Vice Chancellor of Business and Law at Northumbria University, on his radio show, Ammar delved into deep discussions about Innovation and Inclusion, offering listeners insightful perspectives on these crucial topics.

  • Promoting Inclusion in Sport at Wembley: Ammar's visit to Wembley to support England vs Malta match was more than just about enjoying the game; it was a statement of support for inclusion in sports, highlighting how diverse talents and backgrounds enrich the sporting world.

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