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Importance of Networking within the Asian Business Community

Embracing Community and Commitment: The ABC Curry Club's Tribute to the Armed Forces Covenant

Here at Asian Business Connexions (ABC), we have always been at the forefront of nurturing a community where businesses can thrive while making meaningful contributions to society. Our vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous community finds a significant expression in the upcoming Curry Club event, this November. We cordially invite local businesses and organisations to join us for an evening of culinary delight, networking, and an opportunity to engage with the noble cause of supporting our armed forces through the Armed Forces Covenant and the Employer Recognition Scheme. We extend a warm invitation to local businesses and organisations to join us in this engaging evening where meaningful connections will be forged over delicious curry dishes, and where the spirit of community support for the armed forces will be kindled and celebrated.

Growing Recognition and Celebrating Support: Bridging Communities through Networking:

The Armed Forces Covenant is more than just a pledge. It's a commitment to ensuring that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, along with their families, are treated with fairness and respect. The heartening rise in organisations supporting the armed forces community is a testament to growing community engagement. As of July 2023, nearly 200 organisations have been honoured by the UK Government 1. This upward trend not only showcases a broader awareness but also reflects the mutual benefits and the moral duty encapsulated in the Armed Forces Covenant and the Employer Recognition Scheme.

In 2021, 140 organisations were celebrated with the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award, accentuating their remarkable support towards the Armed Forces2. Companies have set a stellar example by not only signing the Armed Forces Covenant but also securing prestigious recognition under the ERS 3.

These initiatives resonate with the mission of Asian Business Connexions, underlining the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement. By offering a platform for networking during the Curry Club event, we aim to foster stronger ties among local businesses, organisations, and the armed forces community. This networking facet invites local entities to engage, learn from each other’s experiences, and explore the benefits of signing up for the Armed Forces Covenant and striving for the Employer Recognition Scheme awards.

Join Us at the upcoming Curry Club:

Our Curry Club event is an engaging blend of culinary exploration, networking, and community building. It provides a casual yet impactful platform for local businesses and organisations to foster stronger ties with each other. Attendees will have the chance to network with like-minded individuals, learn from the experiences of others. By fostering a space where meaningful conversations and connections can happen over a curry feast,

we aim to enrich the local business ecosystem and encourage more entities to engage with the noble cause of supporting our armed forces.

Limited Spaces remaining! - Sign up below to not miss out!


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