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Inclusion by Default Conference Day: A Journey Towards Unity and Diversity!

Inclusion By Default Highlights - 25th January 2024

At the heart of this week's journey at ABC was the Inclusion by Default Conference Day, a beacon of inspiration and unity. Led by our Chairman Ammar Mirza CBE, the day began with an energetic welcome that set the stage for a series of profound and impactful discussions.

Energising Talks and Insightful Discussions:

  • Dr. Henry Kippin took us through the nuances of driving optimal performance under the #GoodWorkPledge. He underscored the importance of inclusion in fostering a supportive environment, applauding #ABConnexions for its role in supporting devolution.

  • Mahnur Roushan from Young Asian Voices (YAV) highlighted the critical need for inclusive experiences, especially in liberating from isolation. Her emphasis on unity and diversity, with a particular focus on women's inclusion, struck a chord with everyone.

  • Hamid Motraghi MBE presented a compelling comparison between equality and equity, backing his insights with data that showcased how inclusive and diverse organisations often excel beyond their peers. His call to action was clear: embark on a journey towards real equity.

  • Ranjana Bell MBE delivered a poignant message on confidence and true inclusion, invoking Archbishop Desmond Tutu's words about neutrality in the face of injustice.

  • Dr. Peter Kayode Adegbie reinforced the significance of inclusivity, understanding uniqueness, and nurturing a sense of belonging within our community.

  • We would also like to acknowledge Mr. Amjid Khazir from Media Cultured CIC, who, due to a personal bereavement, was unable to attend the event. He extended his best wishes for the conference, and in return, we extend our heartfelt sympathies and thoughts to him during this challenging time.

  • Culinary Delights and Engaging Conversations: The day was not only about discussions but also about enjoying delicious food and engaging in meaningful conversations. The enthusiasm and commitment of our guests towards creating a more inclusive Northeast were palpable.

  • Crafting the Roadmap for Transformation: As the day drew to a close, it was evident that the collective effort and dedication had set the Northeast on a definitive path. With the support of Yohlar's Inclusive Innovation Framework, we are now steering towards becoming the most inclusive region in the UK by the end of 2025.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you all at future events.


Chairmans Update:

Ammar had a busy week connecting, supporting, and promoting the whole community in the North East.

Inclusion By Default Conference Preparation: This week, Ammar and the ABC team dedicated their efforts to finalising the Inclusion By Default conference. Engaging with speakers, facilitators, and the team, they delved deep into discussions and stories that highlight the transformative power of inclusion.

  • Podcast Recording for Entrepreneur's Forum: Ammar spent Monday afternoon recording a podcast with Charlie Hoult and Chloe Clover for the Entrepreneur's Forum, set to be released later in 2024. This participation in the Forum, where Ammar is a long-term member, reflects his commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit of the North East.

  • Meeting with Liz Shutt of Insights North East: On Tuesday, Ammar met with Liz Shutt to discuss the Inclusive Innovation Framework and Yohlar. These discussions are key to driving forward-thinking initiatives in the region.

  • Collaborations with Health Innovation Organisations: The Yohlar team engaged with various health innovation groups across the UK, exploring how Yohlar's Level 6 Innovation Qualification can amplify their work with the NHS. This is a continuation of the support Yohlar provided to the North East and North Cumbria AHSN in launching their innovation design service.

  • Discussion with Imran Anwar of Alt-Labs: On Wednesday, Ammar caught up with Imran Anwar, founder of Alt-Labs and one of the ABC Award winners, to discuss collaborative work and the Inclusion by Default Campaign, emphasising the importance of shared goals and community cooperation.

  • North East LEP Board Meeting: Post-conference, Ammar joined the North East LEP board meeting with key regional leaders. The meeting focused on reviewing Devolution Plans and celebrating the successful delivery of the Strategic Economic Plan. As Chair of the Business Advisory Board and the SME Representative, Ammar's role is crucial in shaping the economic landscape of our region.

As we continue to connect, support, and promote communities, we want to hear from you: 

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Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more inclusive North East. 

Together, we can create lasting memories and foster important connections and conversations.

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