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Teesside University Named Among Universities of the Year: A Proud Partner of ABC

Congratulations to Teesside University who have recently achieved remarkable recognition in the new Daily Mail University Guide, positioning it among the Universities of the Year. This recognition is not only a testament to Teesside's dedication to academic excellence but also underscores their commitment to social inclusion, making them an ideal partner for us at Asian Business Connexions (ABC).

Teesside University Campus

Teesside University Campus

Exceptional Performance and Commitment to Inclusion

Teesside University's remarkable performance in the Daily Mail University Guide stems from several key factors:

  • Professional Apprenticeship Provision: Teesside's commitment to professional apprenticeships has been highlighted as a major factor in its strong performance. With nearly 3,000 degree apprentices on campus, Teesside offers invaluable opportunities for students to earn while they learn, contributing significantly to the region's workforce.

  • Graduate Employment: The university consistently places its graduates in highly-skilled jobs, with three-quarters of students entering such roles. This remarkable success in the graduate job market reflects Teesside's commitment to providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields.

  • Student Support: Teesside University has been recognised for its robust student support system, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds have the resources and assistance they need to succeed in their academic journeys.

  • Social Inclusion: Teesside's inclusivity is a key strength. As one of the most socially inclusive universities in the country, they prioritise providing opportunities for all, regardless of their background. This dedication to social mobility and inclusivity aligns perfectly with ABC's mission of promoting diversity and excellence in the Asian business community.

Students on Campus

Students on Campus

Teesside University and ABC: A Partnership for Excellence

Teesside University's alignment with ABC's values and goals makes them an exceptional partner for the Annual ABC Awards. Their commitment to social inclusion and academic excellence mirrors the spirit of the awards, which celebrate and honour those who make a difference in the Asian business community.

Professor Paul Croney, OBE, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Teesside University, expressed the importance of university guides in helping students make informed decisions about their higher education. Teesside University firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their background, should have access to the benefits of higher education—a value that resonates deeply with ABC's mission.

Professor Paul Croney, OBE, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

Professor Paul Croney, OBE, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

Looking Ahead: A Shared Commitment to Excellence

Teesside University's recognition as one of the Universities of the Year is a testament to their unwavering dedication to providing the very best for their students and communities. As a partner of ABC, they contribute significantly to the celebration of excellence in the Asian business community.

As we look forward to the upcoming Annual ABC Awards, we are proud to have Teesside University as a partner, demonstrating their commitment to inclusion, diversity, and academic achievement. Together, we celebrate and honour those who make a positive impact in our communities.

Students in a Lecture

Students in a Lecture

For more information about Teesside University and their achievements, please visit Teesside University.

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